Blogging PSA

Popular webhost Lunarpages is fighting a DDOS network attack on their network. Lunarpages is also a popular blog hosting site, with sites such as The Politburo Diktat hosted there. They’ve been up and down (mostly down) since 8AM Eastern. Here’s the word directly from Lunarpages:

We are currently experiencing a major DOS attack to our backbone network. All our sys admins are aware of the issue and are working on filters to stop the attack. This issue may cause intermittent latency and or outages for sites. We hope to have the issue resolved very soon. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

If one of your favorite blogs in unavailable today that might be why.

Update: Here’s a little more info from their support forum.

Update 2: I knew this post was going to jinx me… The server that hosts Wizbang was down for 20 minutes this afternoon due to a power problem. That’s been fixed (so I’ve been told)…

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