The face of evil

Evandro Doirado, 28, of Framingham, Massachusetts, probably had a very rough life. He was most likely neglected as a child, if not openly abused. I also believe he had a very rough time in school, lived a life wracked by poverty, discrimination, and oppression. He was most likely surrounded by the pervasive drug culture, and found himself stuck in that hellhole of a world. He’s also probably lived a life I cannot imagine, filled with challenges I never had to face, and without the opportunities I’ve been blessed with. All in all, I have a hunch that he’s simply never had a chance to escape from his fate, never had a chance to better himself and find a better course for his life. He’s, in all likelihood, a victim of fate more than anything else.

All that being said, I want the son of a bitch executed. Now. (Warning: this is a truly horrifying story, especially to women, even more so to mothers. Read at your own risk.)

I can only hope he faces federal charges, because Massachusetts has no death penalty.

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