New York City Crippled By Transit Strike

Millions people in the New York metro are are going to be a little a lot late to the office today, and for the foreseeable future.

NEW YORK (AP) – Subways and buses ground to a halt Tuesday morning as transit workers walked off the job at the height of the holiday shopping and tourist season, forcing millions of riders to find new ways to get around.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who had said the strike would cost the city as much as $400 million a day, joined the throngs of people crossing the Brooklyn Bridge in the freezing cold as he walked from a Brooklyn emergency headquarters to City Hall. Other New Yorkers car-pooled or rode bicycles.

“I think they all should get fired,” said Eddie Goncalves, a doorman trying to get home after his overnight shift. He said he expected to spend an extra $30 per day in cab and train fares.

It is New York’s first citywide transit walkout since an 11-day strike in 1980, and officials said they would seek quick court action, which could include stiff fines. Pay raises and pension and health benefits for new hires are main sticking points.

Authorities began locking turnstiles and shuttering subway entrances shortly after the Transport Workers Union ordered the strike. The buses and subways, the nation’s largest transit system, serve 7 million riders a day.Much more at GOP and the City, including a link to the Transit Worker Union Blogspot site where comments are enabled – which is something they might want to rethink…

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