Never let the facts get in the way of a good scapegoating

A while ago, Boston’s mayor, Thomas “Mumbles” Menino, addressed his city’s homicide rate (71 so far this year; two more, and it’ll be a perfect 1 every 5 days) by saying the problem was guns. Guns what, all on their own, wander across state lines into Massachusetts, find their way to Boston, and kill people. He singled out us in New Hampshire, saying that too many guns bought in New Hampshire end up committing crimes in Massachusetts.

(Yes, I know, the guns themselves don’t do all those things, but that’s the impression Mumbles gives.)

Well, that got a few people thinking. One of them happened to be a fellow named Thomas Colantuono, who just happens to be th US Attorney for New Hampshire. He got it into his head that such a matter might be worthy of his official attention, so he looked into the figures.

It turns out that less than 10% of all guns used in Massachusetts crimes come from New Hampshire. The biggest source of guns to Massachusetts criminals is Georgia.

Here’s a radical suggestion for Mayor Mumbles: instead of worrying about guns up here in Cow Hampshire, Yer Honor, why not simply come down harder on actual criminals with guns?

Nah. Makes too much sense.

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