Weblog Awards – 300,000 Served


With 3 full days of voting left The Weblog Awards has passed the 300,000 vote mark, which I just think is really cool. Part of the reason it’s really cool is that the whole thing hasn’t just imploded on itself. We took a gamble on a more reliable and more secure infrastructure, and it worked out. For that I owe an immeasurable debt of gratitude to the programming work of Pete Holiday, who is (or should be) deep in study for law school finals. There’s a little button on this page of his that is most worthy of your consideration.

Things are going swimmingly as we near the finish line. You can keep tabs on what’s being said about all the polls with this Technorati link, or checking the Technorati link at each poll.

And thank you to every one who has sent encouraging e-mails and left appreciative comments – it means a lot.

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