Unwriting history

It takes a special kind of hatred to want to kill off an entire group of people. To want to kill every single man, woman, and child of a certain race, creed, or culture, for whatever reason. To want to deprive them of their present and future, and the rest of us of their presence and whatever blessings that they may bring.

But it takes an even greater history to want to destroy their past, as well. Simply getting rid of the offending people isn’t enough for some; they need to erase any evidence that they ever existed. I don’t even pretend to understand the motivation for trying to re-cast the past; it could be guilt, trying to hide their genocide. It could be a balm to their conscience, to rationalize the evil they have perpetrated. I can’t grasp it, and I think I’m glad I can’t.

One such example of that is the people of Israel. For decades, the Palestinians have done everything they can to destroy every bit of evidence tying the Jews to their ancient homeland. They declared the holiest site in Judaism the “third holiest site in Islam,” and laid claim to the Temple Mount. Under the guise of “renovating” the Mosque, they’ve systematically destroyed every bit of historical evidence that the Jews ever had any sort of presence at that site. That all done in despite of the hundreds of mentions of Jerusalem in the Bible, but none in the Koran.

The Jews have learned to live with that. They have turned the Western Wall of the ancient temple (also called the Wailing Wall) into their holiest site, essentially ceding the lion’s share of the land to the Palestinians, under international pressure. And they’ve protested — to no avail — as more and more proof of the destruction of ancient artifacts that document the Jewish presence on the Mount.

But now, even their claim to that single wall is under assault.

One would think that Israel could turn to the United Nations for assistance in this matter. But the UN has already made its position clear, on countless occasions. In fact, last November 29, the UN held its “Day Of Solidarity With The Palestinian People.” At that event, they held a moment of silence for “all those who have given their lives for the cause of the Palestinian People,” including terrorists, murderers, and suicide bombers. UNICEF sponsors a summer camp named after Wafa Idris, the first female suicide bomber. And they even featured a poster that, literally, showed Israel wiped off the map.

Tell me again why we give the UN almost half a billion dollars a year just in dues? And why we have given the Palestinian Authority, that remarkable kleptocracy, several hundred million dollars?

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