Perspectives.. Or The Lack Thereof

You have to wonder about some people. Including Steve over at Hog on Ice who amusingly opines:

In other disturbing blogwhoring news, Paul at Wizbang is now hiding behind the dead bodies of hurricane victims because someone had the audacity to not take his stupid contest seriously. Someone mentioned this in a comment to an earlier post. Find it yourself. Here is what Paul said in a Wizbang comment. I swear to God, I did not make this up. Swallow whatever you’re drinking first.

As for me, I live in a town where over 3 months after a hurricane blew thru they are still finding dead bodies in the rubble.
And these dumbasses are whining over Weblog awards?

Okay, stop laughing. This is very serious. Don’t you understand? Making fun of the Weblog Awards is EXACTLY THE SAME as saying you don’t care about drowned people! And also, making fun is “whining,” whereas crying about removing mean people from your contest is manly and objective!

I’m so sorry I attacked those poor dead people by pointing out the obvious, which is that the Weblog Awards are silly.

Tomorrow, Paul will explain how not loving the Weblog Awards is the same as kicking a puppy. A cute little speckled puppy named Tuffy, who only wants to be your friend and lick your ear and cuddle up next to you on the couch and adore you. And you…you BASTARDS…you just want to kick little Tuffy, over and over and over, by not pretending to have multiple orgasms over being part of THE COOLEST INTERNET CONTEST EVER!

I hate to burst Steve’s bubble. But I have exactly zip-zero-nada to do with the Weblog awards. In fact, to be brutally honest, I think they are silly. You’ll never see me post on should win best picture or who got robbed of a Grammy… In fact -an unhealthy obsession with American Idol not withstanding- you’ll rarely see me make a “pop-culture” post. It bores me.

It bores me because it is, by definition, artificial. As the recent “pay to play” scandals at Sony (?) highlight, people do not choose what media we get, it largely gets pushed on us by a few people in high places.

As such I ignore it. I’m far more concerned with reality than fantasy. I don’t read fiction.

And that’s where the perspective comes in. I live in town where they ARE still finding dead bodies a quarter of a year after a hurricane. My sister finally returned to her house this week. She lived in a raised house and it avoided the flood waters by mere inches…. It was the only one for blocks.

When she went in, she found people had been living in her house after the storm. For days. And she knows this because among other things she found used diapers. Can you imagine being trapped in a house with no electricity, no food, no running water, in 90 degree heat with a baby? For days?

I have cousin who flooded but got her house fixed as quickly as possible. She got new bedding etc. Then the roofers came to put on her roof. While the old roof was off, a rainstorm blew in and she flooded again, this time from the top… Meaning all new flooring, all new bedding but this time she needed new ceilings and insulation too.

I have a friend who is a 22 year veteran of the New Orleans police department. He retired with many honors just last year. He lost everything in the storm but that’s not the worst of it… New Orleans has no tax base.. Which means no money. Which means no retirement. He’s too old to start a new career, he lost everything he owned now he has no income. (Update: Yet another Katrinarumor, the retirement is being paid.)

These people meant more to me before the storm than any Weblog Award and they certainly mean more after.

I have not posted these stories before… There was no point. It is a horrible situation, if you “get it” you get it if you don’t… then you don’t. I post them now only to offer perspective. This year, even more than most, I really don’t care what happens in the Weblog Awards.

Steve also avoided linking my comment which would have offered some perspective too.

And ultimately it is about perspective. Maybe if Steve thinks about life a bit, he’ll get some.

Upate: My bad… Asking Steve to think was expecting way to much. He still says I am comparing people criticism of the awards to the death and destruction in New Orleans. Steve must have skipped english calls the day they taught Comparing and Contrasting. I am, of course, CONTRASTING people whining about meaningless versus awards with real problems. But I guess he’s not smart enough to figure it out.

That’s OK Steve, my 13 year old nephew didn’t get it last semester either. But when you do learn it, we can move on to metaphors and similes.

Update: And another dumbass who takes quotations out of context. What intellectual might that requires.

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