Can the leopard change it spots?

Apparently not.

I’ve never had much respect for Markos “Screw them” Moulitsas, of “Daily Kos” fame. Between the infamous “screw them” response to American contractors killed, burned, and hung from a bridge in Fallujah. Then, last year, a bunch of Kos Kiddies tried like hell to rig the 2004 Weblog Awards, with Kos’ silent assent. Then there was his vow to destroy the Democratic Leadership Council, mercifully aborted by that great blessing, Hurricane Katrina.

I always hope they’ll outgrow this stage, but apparently they haven’t yet. Now we have word that they’ve now found a new system to “game.”

A while ago, Yahoo! News featured a story on Bush being rated “the worst president ever” by some dumbass study or another. Strictly a one-day story, if you were desperate for news.

But the Kos Kiddies apparently liked seeing it on the list of “most e-mailed stories,” so they started working to keep it there. And keep it there for days on end.

I guess, in the Kosiverse, truth takes a subordinate role to The Truth. Everything is subsumed to The Message, including scruples and ethics. The ends justify any means. “Cheating” is defined as anything that hurts the Cause, and “acceptable” is anything that promotes it.

I’m glad I don’t live in the Kosiverse. And, god willing, I never will.

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