I, Punching Bag

Life is mysterious, blogging is just plain weird.

It’s hardly a mystery that I run The Weblog Awards. That appears to piss off Laurence Simon to no end. I had not intended to address his frequent criticisms until I read his latest. It struck me as that he was not merely criticizing me, but plotting to try to get “inside” The Weblog Awards and, for lack of a better term, stick a dagger in them.

As a bit of background, earlier this year I put out a call for volunteers to help in the finalist selection process. Simon signed up, and mentioned he could help with pet blogging. This was well before decisions on which (if any) new categories would be added. One thing I’ve learned as very busy blogger is never to make promises to anyone, since it never seems to lead to anything but abject pain. I did not promise to add pet blogging as a category this year, just consider it. By the time I sent out messages to volunteers I’d forgotten his preference.

Come to find out the little hissyfit he threw about me throwing his offer of help back in his face by not including a pet blogging category was a complete sham.

His offer of help was not really an offer after all, but an undercover sting operation.

It wasn’t really necessary to experiment by signing up for the mailing list and my ending up selected as a Videoblog nominee judge to show absurd the back-end decisionmaking is.

But, well, I did. And I was not disappointed in the ludicrous results. If Kevin had a thousand faces, I’d have thrown it back in each and every one of them.Doubtless had I entrusted him to help out, I’d be muttering, “Et tu, Brute ?” right now.

Just remember that, though Laurence contrived a plot to infiltrate and report on the behind the scenes process at The Weblog Awards, and has (of late) taken every opportunity to trash me publicly, that – apparently – I’m the bad guy here for giving my time and money to put on The Weblog Awards.

One thing running The Weblog Awards has taught me is that in the blogosphere no good deed goes unpunished…

That off my chest, I’ll go back to ignoring him.

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