The deafening silence

A little while ago, I praised our ambassador to the United Nations, the “controversial” John Bolton, for some of his successes since assuming his office in New York.

It turns out that Mr. Bolton’s failures are as worthy as his successes.

He tried to get the United Nations Security Council to condemn, in no uncertain terms, the most recent suicide bombing in Israel, where the bomber attempted to set off his bomb in a shopping mall. Security guards stopped him, and instead he killed at least five people outside, instead of lord knows how many inside.

The Palestinian Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for the latest atrocity, so Mr. Bolton took the radical step of actually taking them at their word. He put forth a resolution condemning them, as well as Syria for letting them base out of Damascus.

Apparently that was a bit too much for Algeria (which used to give shelter to the PLO before they were allowed to return to the occupied territories). They categorically rejected any specific mention of Syria or PIJ, calling it “unbalanced.”

Bolton then took the highly unusual step of speaking publicly about it, naming names.

For too long, the UN has been held hostage to “diplomacy” — which has been defined there as “we bash Israel and the US, and they’re not allowed to say mean things to anyone” — at our expense. Mr. Bolton seems to be introducing a new idea — that we will say what we mean, act in accordance with our principles and interests, and stop being treated as a doormat.

The United States contributes 22% of the United Nations’ total budget, leaving the remaining 190 member nations to kick in the remaining 78%. We are the first to be asked to help out in emergencies And we also have contributed the lion’s share of forces for nearly every “peace-keeping” mission in the UN’s shoddy history.

For that, we usually get the second-worse treatment at the UN (I think we have a ways to go before we can challenge Israel for that claim). A lot of Americans have been fed up with that for some time (witness the popularity of “US out of UN/UN out of US” bumper stickers and similar expressions of that sentiment), and it looks like Mr. Bolton is fulfilling his responsibility as a representative of those people by passing along a small measure of their beliefs.

And it’s long, long overdue.

(Hat tip to Little Green Footballs for this story)

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