Weblog Awards Support Thread

Much as I despise having to conduct Weblog Award business here, the commenting system at The Weblog Awards site is crushing the server. The quick and easy fix was to turn off comments. It’s working great, but occasionally people do need a spot to ask a question.

This post will serve as that spot…

Update (Dec. 5, 10:00AM): Not every poll is active yet. There is a big linked VOTE! at the top of posts that have polls active. Click it…

Some of the international and ecosytem categories are still having polls added, but updating has been slowed by server issues. The site will be down for a few minutes to get additional RAM which should help all around.

In some cases the polls are delayed in showing the choices for voting. Again this is a database memory issue which should be resolved with more server RAM.

Imagine getting hit with links from every top blog at the same time… It taxes the box a bit…

Update (Dec. 5, 3:30PM): Good news, bad news. Good news is memory was upgraded. Did I mention this is an excellent time to hit the donate button? Anyway, bad news is that I got this from the NOC, “There may or may not be complications in regards to the RAM upgrade. Engineers are looking into it now.” I guess I may or may not be pissed…

In the meantime I’ll share a secret I just learned with you. Earlier I mentioned that when loads are maxed out sometimes the poll screen takes a while to display the finalists. Even when the site is dog slow it eventually will show the list… It turns out that if you do get a poll screen with nothing but a Vote button, and you don’t wait for the text to appear, it will stay that way (for that particular poll) until you close your browser session. I’m assuming it has something to do with client caching of Flash.

Anyway, if you can vote (or view totals once you’ve voted) in most or all of the polls, but there’s one that you just can’t see, closing your browser then reloading the poll should fix the problem.

All of that assumes you can reach the page… That’s what the NOC is working on…

Update (Dec. 5, 4:30PM): When it rains it pours… Received this from the NOC – “We are replacing all hardware on the server. There appeared to be problems with multiple parts.” Hopefully that won’t take too long…

Update (Dec. 7, 1:30AM): I’m aware of the comments about a few people being locked out of polls. Long story short, it’s a side effect of the server crash. Good news: It will resolve itself naturally. Better news: Were working on a quicker fix. I’ve got no idea which will occur first, but it’s a momentary blip.

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