Follow the money

New Hampshire’s own little election scandal is heating up, and it’s not looking good for the GOP.

A quick recap: back on election day of 2002, a telemarketing group hired by James Tobin, regional director of the Republican National Senate Committee repeatedly called up the Democratic phone lines, jamming them and preventing them from calling out or arranging rides for voters. Several officials have been convicted and sentenced, and now Tobin’s trial is going on.

Tobin’s lawyers now want to make sure that the jury doesn’t hear the slightest hint that the National Republican Committee might have paid for the jamming. They’re afraid that if the subject comes up, even in the form of a denial, that it would taint the jury.

What would really frost the jury, though, I suspect, is if it came out that the GOP National Committee has, at last count, forked over at least a quarter of a million dollars to defend this “rogue operation” and its “mastermind.” (Correction: at least three quarters of a million dollars.)

I hammer Democrats on a regular basis, and I don’t regret it in the least. But the Republicans are doing something so heinous here in New Hampshire that it would almost put Ted Kennedy to shame. There was a serious attempt to illegally manipulate an election back in 2002, and the party is piling on the money to keep the admitted organizer out of jail.

As I said before, folks, this stinks. And those of you with ties to the Republican party (something I decidedly lack) need to start asking why they’re putting so much money to keep this scumbag out of jail.

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