Top Louisiana Dems Want To Rig Elections

Well this has been predicted since the day after the storm…. The Secretary of State, who will probably be the next head of the Louisiana Democratic Party, wants to postpone the next election over half a year to help Democrats…

Election Postponement Gives Democrats Time to Regroup

Is the postponement of the Orleans municipal election a form of political engineering? Secretary of State Al Ater announced Friday that the February 4th New Orleans election is impossible, given the physical destruction in that parish. But this buys more time for the state to track down displaced New Orleans voters, most of whom are democrats.

Al Ater says the New Orleans election for mayor, city council, sheriffs, and other city-parish positions will be held sometime before September 30th. There’s a lot of work to be done, like repositioning voting machines and commissioners, and making sure evacuees know when, where and how to cast their vote.

What is interesting here is that New Orleans will host Mardi Gras for 8 days just a few days after the election that they just can’t manage to hold. We can’t figure out how to run a 10 hour election but we can have Mardi Gras for 8 days?

And WHY can’t Orleans Parish have their elections? It’s George Bush’s fault.

Ater says the postponement is based purely on physical problems. Hurricane Katrina destroyed voting machines and precincts and displaced commissioners… all problems he’s asked FEMA to help solve, but so far FEMA hasn’t come through with a $1.2 million request.

“I’m not trying to stand up here and blast FEMA, I’m just stating facts. We have gotten nothing,” said Ater.

And he backed down by the time he gave this interview… In earlier interviews he blamed FEMA even more.


Ater admits it will only take a few months to solve election problems in New Orleans, but he’s given up to nine months for the Orleans election to be set. This gives more time for evacuees to move home and for the state to track those who don’t. Shortly after Katrina, political consultant Roy Fletcher predicted democrats would do this.

“The Ninth Ward elected Kathleen Blanco, the Ninth Ward elected Mary Landrieu, the Ninth Ward has elected a lot of statewide elected officials who are democrats,” said Fletcher.

Well, that’s simple. Don’t have elections until you know you can win them. How convenient.

The Democratic poll numbers are HORRIFIC, with one recent poll showing that only 19% wanted to vote for Blanco again. So now the Democrats want to delay the election. For years they have bussed the blacks to the polls (illegally) and given them a hot dog and a T-shirt in exchange for their votes. Mary Landrieu is infamous for this – well, that and for carrying the dead vote.

They admit they don’t need the time to have a fair election, they want the extra time to rig the results. The final decision rest with the Governor. She has said she will rubber stamp whatever the Democratic Secretary of State suggests. (How convenient.)

Words simply can not describe how vile this is. The people of New Orleans are at the lowest point in their lives and all the Democrats can think of is retaining their power. Never has a vote in New Orleans been more important than the ones that will be cast in February.

Louisiana and New Orleans don’t need NEW leadership… We just need leadership. Period. When the stooges we have up there do manage to make a decision, it is more often than not the wrong one. To deny the people of New Orleans the right to choose their leaders right now is akin to denying them food and water. They are equally as essential for survival.

Democrats at all levels should be ashamed of this plot. Every election the Democrats use the word “disenfranchised” repeatedly. Yet at the time when people are most in need of being “enfranchised” the Democrats would deny them their vote just to keep political power. It’s repulsive.

A sad end to a tragic tale
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