I have here a list of names…

I’ve spent a little time talking about the “no snitching” mentality around Boston, and I’m starting to see signs of just how bad the situation is.

Last week a 20-year-old man was arrested after a high-speed chase. Police tried to pull the car over for non-inspection, and the driver instead took off. When they finally did get them to stop, they found all sorts of interesting things in the car. A used shell casing, for one. Several bags of crack cocaine, for another.

And in the possession of one of the passengers was a highly sensitive police internal document — a report on a gang shooting, complete with the names of all the witnesses — just the thing one needs to help win an acquittal, if one is not above intimidating or otherwise silencing people brave enough to come forward to help the police.

Needless to say, the police are very interested in finding out just how this dirtbag got his hands on their report…

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