"The good of the people is the highest law"

When a company does something despicable, there are a lot of ways to address it. If one happens to be, say, mayor of a major city, one’s options are even greater. One can denounce the business, call for a boycott, even send in officials to search out any violations.

One thing you just can’t do, however, is send in people to just confiscate offensive — but not illegal — merchandise.

I’ve spoken out before against the “STOP SNITCHIN” T-shirts. I think they’re vile, contemptible, and borderline evil. They might even merit being banned — I think it’s a debatable point.

But the seizures Boston’s Mayor Menino is calling for — that’s just too far.

But entirely in character for Mumbles — he’s a control freak. But as an elected Democrat in Massachusetts, I repeat myself.

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