Massachusetts justice: a bargain at twice the price

Some people are just blessed with gifts. Imagine being a respected judge, with a secure six-figure job for life and more time off than you know what to do with. Toss in to the equation being irresistible to women, and you’ve pretty much described my fantasy life.

Unfortunately for Judge Robert F. Murray of Plymouth County, Massachusetts, it was a bit too much fantasy and not enough reality. He tried to… er… “share his briefs” with a couple of women — women who, unfortunately for the judge, 1) didn’t approve of his appeals; B) happened to work for him; and III) knew their rights when it came to sexual harassment issues. They sued, and the state ended up forking over a quarter of a million dollars to the objects of his unwanted affections.

So, the state was out $250,000 for this guy’s inability to keep it in his robes. They oughta be able to recoup their losses somehow, right? And to take some kind of action to bench his affections?

Well, the state Judicial Conduct Commission kicked it around among themselves, and Judge Tongue, and came up with an equitable solution:

1) The judge had been on paid leave since January. Because they’re such nice guys, they let him keep his $112,777 salary he’d already collected for this year.

2) They did give him a year’s suspension, but to show they really are unhappy, they made it unpaid this time.

3) They fined him $50,000 as well.

Let’s do the math: Judge Tongue gets about 22 months vacation, about 4.5 of it essentially paid, then gets to return to his cushy job. The state, in return, saves about $163,000 in pay for the judge, but that still leaves it about $87,000 in the hole because of this guy’s ego.

And in about a year or so, he’ll be back on the bench with it all behind him.

Yup. Gotta be in Massachusetts.

Can I question his patriotism and support for the troops now?
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