A sound idea?

Last year, when I entered Lair Simon’s Dead Pool, one of my picks was Dr. Amar Bose. I picked him because Paul Harvey is always shilling for him, he’s old, and I figured he’d be a “solo” pick — no one else would pick him. I had nothing for or against him, just trying to game the system.

Well, the year is winding down, and it looks like I’m gonna end up around 19th in the standings, with the winner having more than 6 times as many points as I do.

But Dr. Bose is in the news, and it seems like it’s a good thing he disappointed me. He may have made his reputation in audio, but he’s apparently quite an engineer and designer in all sorts of fields.

It’ll be a long time before I could afford to buy one of the cars that might benefit from his work, but it still sounds like a hell of an idea. Keep going, Dr. Bose, and keep gypping me out of those points.

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