Gee, projecting much?

Every now and then, when I feel my blood pressure is getting a little too low, I wander over to a few places guaranteed to get me worked up. One of them is Arab News, the official mouthpiece of the Saudi Royal Family.

This time, I found a truly enlightening story. It was the account of several American women who had converted to Islam and moved out of the US.

I guess Islam is, indeed, the official religion of topsy-turvy land. One woman converted after the 9/11 attacks, which provoked her interest in the Religion Of Peace. Another said she fled her Catholic family in Texas after they threatened to kill her for converting and marrying a Muslim.

As I recall the old joke, the Muslim father tells his child “marry outside the faith, and I’ll kill you.” The Jewish mother tells her child “marry outside the faith, and I’ll kill myself.” And the Christian parents just hope their kids will actually marry someone, preferably of the opposite sex.

I probably should be more outraged, but this propaganda is just so bad it’s more laughable than anything else. I guess I’ll have to just find something else to elevate my blood pressure.

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