Everything old is new again

A few items in the news last week reminded me of a very old joke, from before I was even born, that made the rounds back in 1966 or so:

They told me that if I voted for Goldwater, we’d have a war in Southeast Asia, civil and racial unrest, and a ruined economy. I went ahead and voted for him anyway, and it turned out they were absolutely right.

Last spring, when President Bush nominated John Bolton to be Ambassador to the United Nations, his critics all seemed to be singing from the same songbook. Bolton was too temperamental, too mercurial, too undiplomatic, too confrontational to be our representative to that august body. The only way real progress could be made at the United Nations was if the Senate refused to confirm him.

It looks like they were right: the Senate did, indeed, not confirm Mr. Bolton to be ambassador. And look at what’s happened, just in the last couple of weeks:

–there has been a major push for much-needed financial reform within the UN.

— the UN is considering, for the first time, condemning Hizbollah as a terrorist group.

— the Security Council is pressuring Eritrea to lift restrictions on UN Peacekeepers along its border with Ethiopia, hopefully heading off a war.

— Syria is coming under more and more pressure to cooperate with the investigation into the assassination of Rafik Hariri in Lebanon.

And in each case, our ambassador has played a key role. Gosh, I’m glad the Senate listened to Kos, Atrios, Oliver Willis, and all the other fine, sagacious, learned souls who fought against the Bolton nomination. Imagine the havoc that would have been unleashed at the UN had they actually voted to approve him?

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