What's Wrong With Unpopular Foreign Policy?


Glenn Greenwald, one of the better new bloggers on the left, takes apart this Washington Post op-ed piece by David Ignatius – a pity party about how America is reviled overseas. Among the many great sections of Greenwald’s piece,

That America faces real dangers in the world is beyond dispute for rational people, but — just as Americans care more about the dangers threatening them than they care about dangers which threaten other countries — the dangers facing America will naturally be under-appreciated and under-valued by people in countries for whom those dangers pose no threat.

The important corollary to this principle is that measures which Americans believe are appropriate and justified in order to confront these threats will be viewed as excessive and unwarranted by people in other countries, who view those threats as less significant and alarming than Americans do. For that reason, among others, the popularity or lack thereof of America’s foreign policy in other countries should not be used as a metric for determining the rightness of America’s actions.Read the whole thing…

It’s also worth noting that people like Ignatius were writing exactly the same thing during the Reagan years about how awful it was that we were pursing peace through strength, trust but verify, etc. In both cases tens of millions of people gained their freedom while international opinion was squarely against changing the status quo. Then, as now, international opinion mattered not one bit to those freed from the bonds of oppression…

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