Bullet points, Boston-style

The city of Boston, Massachusetts is looking at yet another record year for murders and shootings. This is despite the city and state having some of the toughest gun control regulations this side of DC or parts of California. And Duh Mayor is on the warpath.

It turns out that ever since it got difficult to buy guns legally in Boston, would-be gun owners have ventured out of the city limits to get their hands on firearms. Some have even discovered that it’s a hell of a lot easier to buy guns here in New Hampshire, as well as in Maine and Vermont. So they come up here, buy a couple and bring them back.

Naturally, Mayor Thomas “Mumbles” Menino is unhappy about this. A while ago, he announced he wanted to set aside such things as borders, jurisdictions, and Constitutional rights and start stopping and searching cars entering Massachusetts from New Hampshire to look for guns.

Someone finally talked some sense into Mumbles, though, and now he wants to “discuss” the problems with mayors, governors, and other leaders of the region to address his problem.

But that’s the key point — it’s HIS problem.

Part of the reason there’s so much gun crime in Boston is precisely because the city has such strict gun-control laws. Criminals know that the odds of confronting an armed would-be victim are greatly decreased, so they’re emboldened. And someone who’s already doing things like breaking and entering, mugging, carjacking, and the like aren’t likely to be intimidated by a gun-control law. Especially when the state has the Bartley-Fox Law, which mandates extra penalties for gun possession — that hasn’t been enforced in years.

Mayor Menino, I agree you got a real problem with gun violence in Boston (Which you almost managed to keep quiet until your recent election to a fourth 4-year term). But they’re largely of your own making, sir, and do not expect those of us in less “enlightened” states to sacrifice our rights and our freedoms because you can’t or won’t clean up your messes.

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