A schism among the faithful

A lot of people are talking about the recent vandalism of two liquor stores in Oakland. The reports are identical: a group of “well-dressed vandals” entered the stores, smashed the hell out of their inventory and displays, and told the clerks to “stop poisoning our neighborhoods, then left.

What very few are doing, however, is pointing out the obvious facts:

1) The “well-dressed vandals” are all young black men in dark suits and bowties — the “uniform” of the Black Muslim movement.

2) Alcohol is strictly forbidden to devout Muslims.

3) The stores targeted so far are owned by Arabs — mostly “mainstream” Muslims.

4) There has long been tension between “mainstream” Muslims and the Black Muslim movement.

The conclusion seems obvious, even from the other side of the country: the Black Muslims are apparently looking to assert their influence in their community, and have decided that the liquor stores are a bad influence on the neighborhood. The fact that the owners call themselves “Muslims” yet still sell booze is a special affront to them, and they have decided to take matters into their own hands.

Again, that’s just speculation. But check out the stories and accompanying videos here and here, and see if you can draw another conclusion.

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