XBox 360 Buzz "White Hot"

Good luck finding one of Microsoft’s new Xbox 360’s. There’s a strong positive buzz on Microsoft’s multi-billion dollar gamble, something that should have market leader Sony worried. Microsoft has a 6 month head start on Sony in the next generation console market and it appears that the limit on how many millions of units they can sell before the Sony PlayStation3 hits the shelves is limited only by how many Xbox 360’s can be produced. The systems are already in short supply and commanding a premium price on auction boards. Microsoft expects to sell 3 million Xbox 360’s by the end of the year, though a Business Week estimate puts their loss on each unit at $126.

Speaking of “white hot,” as with any new gaming console launch there are occasional issues. If your Xbox 360 overheats or crashes from overheating you might get to see the Atari 2600 mode, in which case you pretty much got p0wned by Bill Gates… Actually that slideshow is just one of an number of issues reported with some of the Xbox units. No one yet knows how prevalent the problems being reported online actually are…

Blog community responds to the Xbox 360 – [Joystick]

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