A damned good question

Frequent Wizbang commenter Bullwinkle runs his own blog, and he does a pretty decent job. He’s even been great at sucking up to me on occasion, but I’ve never let that color my judgment of his abilities.

This morning, though, he’s got word of a story that deserves a hell of a lot more play. It turns out that a powerful member of the US Senate is flirting with serious legal problems over fund-raising irregularities. In fact, these allegations sound a hell of a lot more serious than the ones against Tom Delay — the ones that two grand juries looked into and couldn’t find grounds to legitimately indict him over.

Go check out Bullwinkle’s piece, then trot over to the actual report. It’s eye-opening.

And yeah, I did rip him a little in the comments for his cheap-shotting Chelsea Clinton. The one thing I have to give the Clintons credit for is that they appear to have done an OK job bringing her up, and I hate it when people take out their frustrations with parents by attacking the kids. I didn’t like it with Chelsea, I don’t like it with the Bush twins, and I didn’t like it with Amy Carter. Leave the kids out of it. But besides that one little tossed-off mistake, it’s still a hell of a good piece.

Update: Bullwinkle’s replaced the Chelsea slam with another that’s far, far better. If you haven’t seen it, go back and look for yourself. But put down the beverages first.

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