Some troops in dire need of support from home

Last night, I received an e-mail notifying me of a despicable thing going on. A dedicated milblogger in Iraq, Grey Eagle, has been posting tributes to US soldiers in Iraq. I use “has been” because she has been bombarded by trolls and other vermin, posting insulting, degrading, and (dare I say it) un-American crap in her comments. It’s gotten so bad that she’s had to give up her tributes. As she herself says, she signed up to defend all of our Constitutional rights, with the understanding that she was giving up some of her own freedoms in the process — that’s the tradeoff all service members make — but she never expected that those beneficiaries of her sacrifice would use that to try to take away her rights even more.

Folks, the genie is out of the bottle. We can’t do a damned thing about the venom that’s been spewed all over her site. It’s there, it’s been done, but even if was deleted, the poisoning will linger.

So while we can’t extract the venom, we sure can dilute the hell out of it.

Go on over to Grey Eagle’s site, read through her stuff, and leave some kind words. Express some thanks to her and her buddies. Don’t let that tiny minority of scum be the dominant force there.

The military has a concept called a “force multiplier.” It’s a form of leveraging — it’s something that doesn’t fight, but increases the efficiency of those assets that do. One example is fuel tanker aircraft — by allowing fighters, bombers, and other planes to remain in the air longer, they reduce the total number of planes needed, effectively “multiplying” that one fighter into its own relief. Occasionally, that’s how I see my job at Wizbang — I’m one guy sitting in New Hampshire, but thanks to this amazing soapbox Kevin has shared with me, I can shout loud enough to be heard literally around the world.

Well, I’m shouting now. Go over there and do your duty. Show some support for the troops, who have enough to worry about from bombs and bullets and rockets and grenades, and really don’t need to also fret about knives in the back.

(Thanks to Mr. Right of The Right Place for e-mailing me this despicable news)

Update: Grey Eagle herself spells out in detail just what the assholes in question have done, and what they are preventing her from continuing to do. Read the comments for the sickening details.

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