Home Depot casts out handyman from paradise

(Note: this story is categorized under “Dumb Criminals,” but “Dumb Crime” might be a better description.)

Home Depot sounds like it could learn a lesson from banks: if you don’t want your pens and pencils taken, chain ’em down.

In Methuen, Massachusetts, a contractor went into a Home Depot to buy some supplies. Michael Panorelli paid over a hundred bucks for some lumber, then left. He was stopped by security, however, and brought back in, when it turns out he had taken more wood than he had paid for.

Namely, a well-used pencil he had borrowed from an employee, then pocketed.

Mr. Panorelli is now banned from any and all Home Depots for a year for the cardinal sin of “getting the lead out,” and Home Depot will probably lose his business for far longer. The guy with him says he won’t ever go back there.

And I gotta say that I’m a bit concerned about setting foot in there myself.

(It should be noted that Home Depot would not confirm the details of the story, and the letter Panorelli received merely said “merchandise” without naming the item or cost — in this case, the pencil was worth $0.41 new, and had been used.)

Update: Link removed, as story expired. Dang these daily newspapers that wipe everything every day…)

Update II: The Wrath of Remy Logan: Another media outlet has covered the story, and Home Depot has backed down. Link to the latest developments above.

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