With All Due Respect…

Democrats – Sen. Harry Reid in particular – got a dose of their own medicine today. Perhaps they’ll remember the foul taste for the next time they want to stage a Hill photo op by invoking some long forgotten Senate rule.

House Republicans should introduce a version of the Murtha plan every week until the 2006 elections. While Rep. Murtha is portrayed as the brave hawk dissident who House Democrats claim is being single out for attack on the floor of the House, nothing could be further from the truth. It’s Democrats as a group that are the target of the House Republican theatrics.

Public opinion polls aren’t the issue – no one is denying that America suffers from a case of war fatigue – the issue is that Democrats are have reached the point where they’ve overplayed their hand. They’ve painted themselves into a tactically loosing corner of calling for withdrawal that politically even they can’t support. Of course they figured the moribund Republicans would ignore their rantings as they had done in the past.

Democrats must know that while public opinion (as measured by polls) is is fickle and easily influenced by the media (see the Bush administration’s success in convincing the masses that Social Security was a “crisis”), Americans have absolutely no stomach for quitters.

For too long Republicans have been playing “prevent defense,” which as any football fan will tell you only prevents you from winning. Perhaps this week is a signal that instead of dropping into a two deep zone, Republicans are going to play man to man and throw in the occasional bum rush blitz. While they’re at it they might want to drop the run out the clock ground game and take to an aerial attack. If they get ahead, Republicans would be wise to play the BCS game and run up the score every chance they get…

The message is clear – “finish the job” or “cut and run.” There’s no middle ground.

Guess which side of that equation takes home the trophy?

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