Welcome to Nashua, NH. Kindly check your Constitutional rights at the city limits (Part I)

Nashua, NH is New Hampshire’s second-largest city. It sits right on the Massachusetts border, pretty much on the midline of New Hampshire. And I’m starting to think that Nausea is feeling the effects of that toxic influence.

Nashua gets its water from the Pennichuck Water Works, a private company located in the neighboring town of Merrimack. The relationship seemed fine until 2002, when Pennichuck was to be sold to Philadelphia Suburban Corporation for $106 million dollars.

That’s when the people of Nashua started noticing — and thinking. They didn’t like the idea of a company several states away controlling their water supply, so they figured they’d do something. They put their own offer on the table — $121 million –, which Pennichuck rejected.

So Nashua figured they wouldn’t take no for an answer. They started eminent domain procedings, with an eye towards simply taking over the plant. The Water Works is fighting back, saying that the fight has already cost its stockholders over $80 million in stock value.

The Nashua Telegraph has been giving good coverage of this event, with the latest developments here and a decent timeline here. (Registration required, but BugMeNot is your friend.)

Welcome to Nashua, NH. Kindly check your Constitutional rights at the city limits (Part II)
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