Welcome to Nashua, NH. Kindly check your Constitutional rights at the city limits (Part II)

A while ago, I wrote about an attempt by Wal-Mart to build a SuperCenter in Nashua. It’s opposed by a lot of people. Some are concerned about its environmental impact on the site they’ve chosen. Some worry about the increased traffic on an already-congested street. Others, like me, are more concerned about the current occupant of that land — a delightful bargain store called Building 19.

Locals are getting more and more irate. They’ve raised repeated concerns to the city, wondering just why Wal-Mart is being allowed to get around all sorts of regulations and ordinances. I fear that Nashua’s building 19 is doomed.

I once ran into a guy who works for Building 19, scouting out new locations and helping to set them up. I begged him to come back to Manchester. I even told him about the perfect spot. He said he’d looked at it, but they’ve had challenges with the owner of the property, and were unlikely to come to terms with them — and since that company owns a LOT of the retail space around Manchester, the odds were slim.

Apparently, they ironed out their difficulties.

Yesterday, I happened to drive by that empty store front (a former Ames), and it wasn’t empty any more.


They didn’t say when they were opening, but I could see Christmas stuff through the window. And when I went to the web site shown above, I learned what I should have known intuitively — they’re opening TOMORROW.

November 19.

Need I add that not only is this place less than a mile and a half from my house, but right along my way to and from work, and in the same plaza as my customary supermarket?

If anyone wants to get ahold of me Saturday morning at 9, just head up Hanover Street and look for the Shaggin’ Wagon…

With All Due Respect...
Welcome to Nashua, NH. Kindly check your Constitutional rights at the city limits (Part I)


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