It's good to be the prince

Yesterday, I let the story of a Saudi prince being sentenced to a Massachusetts jail slip past me (but Brian Maloney, blogging at Michelle Malkin’s site, caught it). And this morning the Boston Herald gave it the full court press.

First up, they have the story of how Prince Bader Al-Saud was drunk when he ran down a homeless man, Orlando Ramos, with his SUV in September of 2002. They also spell out just how Al-Saud planned to defend himself — by saying that Ramos most likely committed suicide by jumping in front of Al-Saud’s SUV. They point out that Al-Saud had no license at the time, having flunked the driving test twice, and was only 20 when he killed Ramos — below the legal drinking age.

But that’s just the beginning.

Next, they take a look at the county jail Al-Saud will be spending his time in. It sounds almost as nice as my apartment — better, if you factor in the oceanfront view and breezes.

Then, someone wondered what would have happened had he gotten loaded and killed someone at home in Saudi Arabia. He might have been whipped, or even beheaded — but not likely. As a member of the royal family, he probably would have had his offense swept under the rug. Even the drunk part, which is a big no-no among Muslims.

And it isn’t just at home that the Saudi royal family seems to get its perks. The Herald also has a list of other “benefits” the royals have enjoyed from their close ties to Washington.

Finally, and certainly not least, they go and talk to Mr. Ramos’ sister, who is understandably upset over the cushy deal her brother’s killer received.

Even setting aside the fact that he killed Ramos, Al-Saud should have gotten a tougher sentence. Driving under the influence, driving without a license, and having a forged ID (a Saudi ID that said he was of legal drinking age) should have put him away for longer.

With luck, once he completes his sentence, we can deport this scumbag.

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