Reform PBS- Go to Jail

Asking for political balance now a days is against the law:

Report: Ex-Broadcasting Chairman Broke Law

WASHINGTON — The former chairman of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting broke federal law by interfering with PBS programming and appearing to use political tests in recruiting the corporation’s new president, internal investigators said Tuesday.

Kenneth Y. Tomlinson, a Republican, also sought to withhold funding from PBS unless the taxpayer-supported network brought in more conservative voices to balance its programming, said the report by CPB inspector general Kenneth A. Konz.

Tomlinson was chairman of the corporation until September and resigned as a board member earlier this month after Konz privately shared his findings with the board. The report was released Tuesday.

The corporation _ which funnels hundreds of millions of federal dollars to National Public Radio, the Public Broadcasting Service and noncommercial radio and television stations _ was created by Congress in the late 1960s to shield public broadcasting from political influence.

Specifically, the report said Tomlinson violated the Public Broadcasting Act of 1967 and ethical standards by dealing directly with one of the creators of the conservative-leaning “Journal Editorial Report,” hosted by the editor of The Wall Street Journal editorial page.

In internal e-mails, Tomlinson told CPB staff to threaten to withhold funds from PBS “if they didn’t balance their programming,” the report said.

This is a classic glass half full or glass half empty debate. Obviously (says this conservative) PBS is tilted so far to the left it is unseemly to be funded by taxpayer dollars… Liberals will see this as a Republican trying to make it a right wing network when it is perfectly balanced now. (But liberals believe all sorts of things that deny reality;)

So what are we to do with PBS? Leave it a sewer of left-wing propaganda? Put in a quota system? -The last guy got in trouble for that idea.- It’s a catch 22. You can’t politicize it but you can’t do anything to keep it from becoming politicized because that is politicizing it.

The answer is simple. Dissolve it. Can it. Toss it. Sing it a few choruses of “Na Na Na Na, Na Na Na Na, Hey Hey Hey- Good Bye” and send it packing.

Simply put, America does not need state funded media.

Any cursory look at modern or past history will make the case against state run media. I don’t even need to do it here.

The question PBS asked when threatened with defunding last time was, “If not PBS who?” That’s an easy question if ever there was one. I have about 180 channels from which to choose and there is no type of programming that I can not find.

Sesame Street? Oh please. I have probably a dozen channels all aimed at kids. And unlike PBS, many of them don’t show commercials. Most people don’t realize -unless they have kids or were trapped in a 1 bedroom apartment with kids for a month during a hurricane- that PBS blasts commercials to children but other kids channels don’t. Noggin shows kids shows all day and never blasts them with ads for Cheerios.

“This Old House?” Excuse me have you seen TLC, Discovery, DIY or any of the others I’ve forgotten?

If PBS were to vaporize next week, every viable show on the network would find a home in the existing collection of networks. We have more TV bandwidth than we have content. That’s why we have so many “classic” channels and why the cable channels rerun their primetime programming overnight.

Let’s just end the whole fiasco and go on. It would save us millions of dollars and end nonsense like in the story above.

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