NBC takes sides in the war on terror — and it ain't ours

I was just poking around the TV listings, and the description of tonight’s E-Ring caught my eye:

New, “Delta Does Detroit”, (2005), J.T. journeys to Detroit to handle a delicate hostage crisis after a radical Christian collective assumes control of a mosque and holds its members captive. (Drama).

I thought it was absurd when the bad guys were changed from Islamic extremists to neo-nazis in the movie of “The Sum Of All Fears.” But this is obscene. It’s a complete inversion of reality. It’s cognitive dissonance of epic proportions.

Hollywood’s now officially Topsy-Turvy Land. I don’t think even the French could surrender and collaborate so thoroughly and completely.

Muslims in a mosque as the innocent victims of psychotic Christian militiamen. Hell, one of them is in prison for going to Iraq as a security contractor, then shot and killed innocent Iraqis as part of his “holy crusade.”

This is beyond obscenity, beyond parody, beyond satire. This is perversion, this is subversion, this is submission.

And it gets only better: at 10, Law And Order is featuring a bunch of illegal aliens being smuggled in a truck apparently murdered by Minutemen.

OK, let’s get the “it’s only entertainment” out of the way. This lineup can NOT be a coincidence, and the message is clear:

Muslims are all innocent victims.
Illegal aliens are also all innocent victims.
The real dangers to society are Christians and the Minutemen.

Black is white. Up is down. Right Is Wrong.

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