Democrats Lied, People Died – The Video

I’m not one to turn my posts into a house organ for the GOP. (or any other organization for that matter) But I have to give them credit, this video is extremely powerful.

Frankly, election cycle or no, if I were the GOP, I’d run this on the cable news networks ESPECIALLY when these same Dems are now up there saying Bush lied.

Can you imagine the juxtaposition? The media trying to sell the myth that Bush lied and the GOP having to PAY for time to get the truth out on the cable news networks? The credibility of the networks would take another direct hit. Larry King could blather for an hour and 1 commercial spot could put the lie to his whole show.

Take a look, it really shows the absolute hypocrisy and dishonesty of the left.

(h/t to Kate in my email)

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