Liberals and bright, shiny objects

Last weekend, I mocked a bunch of liberals in Massachusetts who were trying to get a ballot question on whether the governor should bring Bay State National Guardsmen home from Iraq. I pointed out the futility of this action — once troops are nationalized, governors have no power over them whatsoever. But that got me thinking about something.

Liberals tend to do a lot of things that I consider silly and futile. They call for Bush to be impeached or resign. They apologize to the world for our exercising our democratic rights. They find utterly futile ways of protesting that do nothing but royally piss off those they are trying to “persuade.”

I used to get either amused or angry by these things. But yesterday, I had an insight. Now I am thrilled that they keep doing these things. (And not just because it gives me an endless supply of material to blog about.)

The key element of these actions is “futility.” Not only do they not achieve anything while doing them, but they never really had a chance to.

And while they’re wasting their time on these things, they’re too busy to take actions that might actually help them reach their goals.

So, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go sign a bunch of online positions. Care to join me in egging the lemmings into running faster towards the cliff?

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