Some things you blog just to keep the story fresh…

It’s been over a week since I sent an e-mail to my congressman, Representative Jeb Bradley (R-NH), regarding his vote against the Online Freedom Of Speech Act. I followed up my e-mail with a phone call to his Manchester office ((603) 641-9536), where I was assured my e-mail had been received and was scheduled for a response within a week.

It has not arrived.

I may make a followup call tomorrow.

Regardless of what Congressman Bradley says (if anything), I will NOT give up my right to speak freely on politics — or anything else that I chose to, for that matter. I am torn between taking “Patterico’s Pledge” and willfully violating what I see as an unconstitutional action, or simply taking up two of my online friends who blog from other countries up on their offers to give me “guest posting” privileges. Regardless, I will not be silenced.

And again, I will post any response I receive from Congressman Bradley explaining why he decided to vote against the rights of Americans to speak freely.

(Kevin, if you’re around, it’s your turn…)

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