Jay Tea Bends The Space-Time Continuum

In case you were wondering….

Jay writes many of his posts at night and sets them to get posted at a given time. (we have future posting ability for you non-bloggers)

He set one to fire at 9 am but he accidently set it to “Publish” so it fired as soon as he hit save.. As usual (rib) Jay did not check the site so as I type, he still thinks his post has not been published. By the time I found it at like 3AM, it had 14 comments so “sucking it back in” was not the answer.

SInce many people stop scrolling down once they see a story they recognize, I was forced to put my late night ramblings after (above) his to keep site continuity.

So if you see a post made at 9:01AM and a comment was made at 5AM or other screwball stuff, you don’t need glasses, it’s just a Wizbang time warp.

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