A golden opportunity

Earlier this week, I was a bit annoyed when my boss asked me to come in a bit late on Friday, and stay late. I’m really a morning person, and around 9 or so I start getting sleepy.

But then I heard John DePetro give a plug for his show on Friday morning. He’s going to be interviewing Mary Mapes, Dan Rather’s former producer, who gave the world the “fake, but accurate” Texas Air National Guard memos that led to Gunga Dan’s downfall.

Now, I can’t guarantee I will get through, but since I’m not gonna be at work, I’m gonna try like hell. And if I do, I will be lucky to get a single question in (besides thanking her for giving us that wonderful phrase). And as I’ve learned repeatedly in blogging, I might be smarter than some of you, but I’m not smarter than all of you — especially all of you together. So give me your question to Mary Mapes. If I’ll get through, I’ll ask it to her — and report her answer.

I’m fixing this piece to stay at the top of the page until Depetro’s show starts — I don’t know when she’ll be on, but I’ll be there, with my phone at the ready.

If you’re around New England, the station is WRKO, AM-680, and DePetro’s show airs between 9 and noon Eastern Time. If you still want to listen, the show is streamed live here, and the call-in numbers are 1-617-266-6868 or 1-877-469-4322.

(Updated and re-time-stamped to un-fix Paul’s “correction,” and calculated to take into account the 9:00 news break and put it closer to the actual start of DePetro’s show)

Update II: The Wrath of Khan: I was the first caller. Here is my question:

You went on the air with a very specific allegation against President Bush. A year later, there is not a single solid piece of evidence to back it up. At what point did the burden of proof shift from the accuser to the accused?

Actually, I muffed the question, and she blew me off. Said she had “considerable proof” to back it up, I ought to buy her book and read it, and blew off the “burden of proof” part. But it was fun…

Update III: John DePetro came back and said very, VERY kind things about Wizbang in general, and me in particular (although Kevin and Paul did all the heavy lifting on the Memogate story). He’s now my favorite talk-show host.

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