Who are the perverts in your neighborhood?

Sometimes, when I’m writing a piece, I get a little too vague and cutesy, and end up burying the point of my piece. I think I might have here, so I’m re-visiting the topic — it’s that important.

A group of volunteers have done a tremendous service for parents everywhere. They have connected Google Maps with databases of various states to create an interactive map of registered sex offenders, with links to the offenders’ official state records — including addresses, photos, and details of their offenses.

As a little test, I plugged in the addresses of Kevin, Paul, Laurence Simon, and myself. Lair has seven on his map, including a flasher just a few doors down from him. Paul has about ten around him. Kevin only has three. I guess I’m the grand-prize winner, with at least 75 — including one next door, and another just across the street and a couple of buildings east. All told, I have six kiddy diddlers living within a block of my house — the joys of living in lovely downtown Manchester, NH.

So, if you’re fortunate enough to live in one of the 38 states accessible through this site, do yourself a favor and see just who’s living around you.

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