High School Senior Elected Mayor In Michigan

In another stunning rebuke to Republicans and the President, an 18-year-old high school senior appears to have beat the 51 year-old incumbent mayor in a Michigan race. From the Hillsdale Daily News:

In the political equivalent of a Cinderella story, 18-year-old write-in candidate Michael Sessions has unofficially won the Hillsdale City, Michigan mayoral race.

Preliminary results have Sessions defeating incumbent Doug Ingles 732-668.

The city’s new electronic voting system automatically counted all write-in ballots for Sessions because he was the only official write-in candidate. As a result, he stands the chance of losing votes after the board reviews them.

Ballots with incomprehensible writing, or those made out to fictional characters, could be Sessions’ version of hanging chads.

If he is declared the winner, Sessions, a senior at Hillsdale High School, will be the youngest person ever elected mayor in Hillsdale.Which begs the question, if you’re Mayor Ingles what’s worse: losing to the 18-year-old; or beating him in a recount?

Somehow I don't see the problem here...
The Sweeping Mandates Of Low Turnout


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