Capitol RINOsaurs And Congress Critters In The Crosshairs

Conservatives have yet another item to be upset about as House leaders scrapped the plan to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling in order to pass a $51 billion deficit-reduction program. Both items were priorities, but the ANWR plan has been kicked around for nearly two decades, and its passage was within reach. Pulling the package to appease a few moderate Republican Representatives has a good bit of the base really upset.

The blowback has been swift and severe. The Anchoress comes out blazing with both barrels, while Michelle Malkin has been publishing reader e-mail.

I was on Capitol Hill in 1993 and saw first hand what 30 years of power had done to Democrats. The Republicans have only been in the majority 11 years, but in that time they’ve become every bit the disassociated fat cats that Tip O’Neil and his crew were. At times it does make one lament the disintegration of Ross Perot’s Reform Party as at “third way”…

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