Apres Le Francais, le deluge

Earlier, I lamented the riots in France, saying that while I still loathed the French, I didn’t want the rioters to taste victory. But I try to be realistic in my postings, and it is still possible that France can fall.

With that in mind, earlier this week I started thinking about the French national anthem. La Marseillaise is an adequate song, as far as anthems go, but would never survive an Islamist revolution. So, I started thinking about a new French national anthem. I managed to come up with two possibilities. Since I’m no song-writer, I had to base them on other songs, but I comforted myself with the knowledge that the Star Spangled Banner was a poem that was set to the music of an old English drinking song, “To Anacreon On High.”

So, with no further ado, I give you my renditions of the new French national anthems. I’ve included the lyrics in the extended section, so we can have the first Wizbang Sing-Along.

Anthem 1

Anthem 2

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Jacques Chirac,
Jacques Chirac,
Sonnez la muezzin,
Sonnez la muezzin,
Allah Akbar,
Allah Akbar.

Women can’t wear pants
In the Islamic state of France.
But one thing is still true;
It’s OK to hate the Jews.

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