Sony's Hidden DRM Still Threatens PC's – Lawsuits Forthcoming

Last week I highlighted veteran Windows programming guru Mark Russinovich’s look into the nasty stuff Sony was leaving on the PC’s of those unfortunate enough to have bought one of several music CD’s with their new copy protection screen.

Sony’s response has been muddled and poorly executed as Russinovich documents. Here’s is his summation of their response:

[T]he comment [from the DRM software developer] does not explain why Sony won’t simply make the uninstaller available as a freely accessible download like they do the patch, nor why users have to submit two requests for the uninstaller and then wait for further instructions to be emailed (I still have not received the uninstaller). The only motivation I can see for this is that Sony hopes you’ll give up somewhere in the process and leave their DRM software on your system. I’ve seen similar strategies used by adware programs that make it difficult, but not impossible, for you to remove them.

Instead of admitting fault for installing a rootkit and installing it without proper disclosure, both Sony and First 4 Internet claim innocence. By not coming clean they are making clear to any potential customers that they are a not only technically incompetent, but also dishonest.Not unsurprisingly the first lawsuits are starting to appear.

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