Mary Mapes Still Doesn't Get It

Mary Mapes is still clueless. In her first interview after being canned from CBS for running bogus documents, she proves not only that she is sill delusional but she still has no understanding of simple ethics.

Mapes says she is continuing to investigate the source of the controversial documents whose authenticity was seriously questioned by the CBS panel

She reminds me of one of those Japanese pilots they found on islands in the Pacific during the 70s and 80s who were still fighting WWII. The difference of course is that the Japanese pilots were cut off from reality by a lack of communication. Mapes is cut off from reality because she refuses to accept it.

But here is the quote that should keep her out of newsrooms for life:

She tells Ross that she had no journalistic obligation to prove the authenticity of the documents before including them in the “60 Minutes II” report. “I don’t think that’s the standard,” she said.

HUH? Any journalist can make any attack against the President of the United States and the authenticity of the accusations is irrelevant? Why not ask him if he stopped beating his wife yet?

Believe it or not… It gets worse:

Mapes says one of her few regrets in handling the story was her phone call to a member of Sen. John Kerry’s Presidential campaign staff prior to the broadcast. “I wish to God I hadn’t done it, because I think it was so wildly misinterpreted.” She says she made the call only as a way to gain favor with the source who provided her with the documents.

Did you get that? She still sees nothing wrong with her behavior, only that she got caught.

The worst part is that she’ll make millions off her misbehavior. Such a deal!

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