Viva la France?

I know I’ve done my share of France-bashing in the past, but the current Muslim riots wracking the country have me doing the unthinkable — feeling sorry for them.

There is a certain element of “hoist by their own Petain” (a phrase I shamelessly steal from Bigwig’s utterly brilliant “Military History Of France“) glee I have, a certain amount of schadenfreude, but I’m often reminded of something my mother used to say: “everyone has a purpose in life, even if it is to serve as a bad example.”

What’s going on in France is a warning to the rest of the world: this is what can happen when you combine unrestrained immigration, unenforced assimilation, and unfettered nationalism, all embodied in a single group. France has a large body of unassimilated North African Muslims, who have established their own enclaves entirely separate from the larger French culture (and no, that’s not quite an oxymoron) surrounding them. They’ve been allowed to build their own culture and society and rules, and now are looking to establish that as a legally-recognized fact.

And if they have to burn a few thousand cars, destroy hundreds of businesses, and assault countless French citizens and police officers (one woman in a wheelchair was set on fire), so be it.

We could be facing a similar situation here in the US. We have a huge illegal immigration population, one that is refusing to assimilate (even to the point of learning English), and several radical groups among them that endorse the secession of large parts of the United States into a separate nation. (La Raza, anyone?)

As much as I enjoy seeing the French in such discomfort, it does not bode well for the rest of the world. I’d much rather have to put up with the arrogant, elitist, duplicitous, vile French than the mobs that are attempting to supplant them.

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