You Know You're From New Orleans When…

Chris Rose from the Times Pic is trying to steal my “You know your life is surreal when…” schtick. (Which I’ve renamed “You Know You’re From New Orleans When…”)

Here’s one for you: Some friends of mine were clearing out their belongings from their home in the Fontainebleau area and were going through the muddle of despair that attends the realization that you were insured out the wazoo for a hurricane but all you got was flood damage and now you’re going to get a check for $250,000 to rebuild your $500,000 house. [flood insurance caps out at $250,000 ed]

As they pondered this dismal circumstance in the street, their roof collapsed. Just like that. It must have suffered some sort of structural or rain-related stress from the storm and now, two weeks later, it manifested itself in total collapse.

Now I ask you: What would you do if you watched your home crumble to pieces before your eyes?

What they did was, realizing their home now qualified for a homeowner’s claim, they jumped up and down and high-fived each other and yelled: “The roof collapsed! The roof collapsed!”

Our home is destroyed. Oh, happy day. I submit there’s something not right there.

Life down here is only a little on the surreal side.

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