Adventures in Carbo Porn

Here in Manchester, there’s a Bouyea-Fassett’s bakery outlet. It’s where their bread products go once they’re within a few days of expiring and get yanked from stores. They’re just as good as the fresh stuff, and about half the price — which suits my budget just fine.

That’s where I got addicted to Thomas’s English Muffins. They used to carry such interesting and delicious varieties. Maple French Toast, Cinnamon, (NOT Cinnamon Raisin — raisins are horrible perversions of perfectly decent grapes), Blueberry. But those all fell by the wayside, one by one, as people became more health-conscious, and were supplanted by wheaty, grainy, fibery variants. Fortunately, I can still enjoy Sourdough.

The breads were a similar story. I dabbled in various types, discovering that I couldn’t stand rye bread, but was quite fond of sourdough (again) and italian. Also, a lot of the wheaty varieties actually weren’t half bad. Currently I’m dining on Sunflower Flax, which actually has sunflower seeds embedded throughout the bread. It’s odd, but I like it.

And every now and then I discover some new vice. The latest is Thomas’s Toasting Bread. It’s a loaf of bread, but made from English Muffin material.

Then they started getting fancy with THAT. I wasn’t that impressed with the Chocolate Swirl Toasting Bread, but the Cinnamon was pretty good. And then came my downfall.

Corn Toasting Bread.

It’s basically corn muffins, baked into a loaf and sliced. And it toasts in the most wonderful fashion.

I think I might have to burn down the bakery. I might end up going to jail, but it just may save my life.

And the smell of that fire will be absolutely heavenly.

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