Thousands of Armani Suits Ruined by Katrina

You might not know it from watching the images on television but before Katrina, New Orleans had the highest number of Armani suits per capita of any city in the world including Manhattan. Don’t believe me? I have proof!

You see, they have a funny way of doing things in a flood zone. After your house has 8 or 10 feet of water in it, the insurance companies will refuse to pay claims for your clothes unless you have receipts. If the receipts got washed away in the flood, rather than give you a reasonable allowance to buy new clothes, the insurance companies make you fill out a form listing every piece of clothes you owned, when you bought it, where you bought it and how much you paid. Do you have that information memorized?

People who were flooded with water are now being flooded with red tape.

But after getting the forms and crunching the numbers, the data does not lie. New Orleans had more Armani suits than any city in the world. And that’s not to mention the Louis Vuitton handbags that were nearly ubiquitous before the flood.

I guess now the insurance companies are starting to understand the old adage about asking questions you don’t want the answers to.

A notion with which I cannot concur
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