Well, now we know why he calls himself "Scooter…"

Dick Cheney’s former Chief of Staff, the indicted I. Lewis Libby, is far better known by the nickname “Scooter.” And while some people have questioned the taste, judgment, and sanity of a man in his 50’s who still goes by a nickname like that, I haven’t seen any in-depth digging into just how he got the nickname, and why he might still embrace it.

But the Lawrence Eagle-Tribune, realizing it had an advantage, did. Libby attended the prestigious Philips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts, and that’s just one town south of Lawrence. So they went back to Libby’s alma mater and investigated, and painted a rather well-crafted portrait of this man who was largely unknown before the whole Valerie Plame investigation.

And as someone with a middle name I don’t overly like, I can sympathize with someone with the given name “Irve.” I’m nearing 40, and my legal signature still consists of my first name, middle initial, and last name — and will likely remain that way for the rest of my life.

I might have to re-think something...
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