Judge O'Conlito?

Talking head hottie Flavia Colgan, a Democratic strategist and former aide to Pennsylvania’s Lt. Governor (remember her?), warns that both sides will be disappointed with Judge Samuel Alito if he’s confirmed to the Supreme Court. From her HuffPo piece:

The question people have to ask is what constitutes a link that is so invalid that it renders the whole chain weak and un-useful. The left needs to determine whether they are willing to sink a candidate for the court that has expressed pro-choice legal opinions three out of four times, because of the one time he did not. The right needs to stop smiling and think about whether the views he’s expressed and the opinions of him from those who have worked with him constitute a chain as strong as they would like.

Both sides might discover, as I did, that this man is not the image they’ve all created: Judge “Scalito.” The more I talked to people, the more I began to think that Judge Alito’s last name shouldn’t be merged with Justice Scalia’s, but we should start calling him “O’Conlito,” for the woman he’s replacing. Let us not forget, Justice Sandra Day O’Connor was a “reliable conservative” when she was appointed, and a choice that liberals lamented while conservatives cheered. This time around, liberals, just chill out a bit. And conservatives: Caveat Emptor.When it comes to Supreme Court nominees conservatives are used to disappointment. It’s worth noting that Chief Justice Roberts’s conservative bona fides were (and still are) equally in question.

Supreme Court nominations are like giant games of Three Card Monty – there’s lot’s of flash and activity, but it’s a good bet that the game is rigged. One of the reasons liberals are so pissed about the Miers withdrawal is that they saw the dealer planting the card. Unfortunately for them conservatives did too..

Such is the gamble with life time appointments.

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