Things I've Been Meaning To Cover…

It’s a long list, most of which have already been covered elsewhere…

  • According to an ABC report Karl Rove told Time magazine reporter Matt Cooper about Valerie Plame’s CIA employment. Ezra Klein picks up on an early (an incorrect) version of the ABC article that says that Rove confirmed her covert status (ABC has since corrected the article). Klein fails to note that even IF Rove told Cooper about Plame, based on the Libby indictment Rove doesn’t appear to be in legal jeopardy unless he lied about telling Cooper to the grand jury. The subject of Rove’s final appearance before the grand jury was rumored to have been about that conversation.
  • John Cole at Balloon Juice looks that the possibility that yesterday’s stunt by Senate Democrats was a Filibuster preview
  • Glenn Reynolds and NZ Bear have rolled out Porkbusters 2.0, with a snazzy new tracking page.
  • On the Porkbusting front, Tim Chapman at Townhall reports that a provision tucked away in the Senate Budget Reconciliation Bill that would direct Medicaid money intended for Katrina affected states (Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana) to Alaska.
  • Mary Mapes is featured in Vanity Fair, supposedly answering her critics – something she does poorly
  • Patrick Frey (aka Patterico) looks at the Alito dissent in the Casey case. He also looks at the case of the strip searched ten-year-old.
  • Canada’s Gomery Report is out. Kate McMillan and Ed Morrissey look at the findings.
  • Jeff Gannon is back and the Washington Blade’s got him. Needless to say not everyone is happy about that…
  • There’s life after politics at Wal Mart. Former campaign staff of both parties are now working for Wal Mart’s War Room.
  • In not sure what is more odd… A cookbook by Carnie Wilson containing the recipes that made her a big fattie, The Dittohead’s Guide to Adult Beverages (can the prescription medicine sequel be far behind), or a book store named “Chapter 11 Book Store” filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.
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